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Shelf Life of Chip Resistors
06 - January - 2014

Shelf Life of Chip Resistors


HITANO Enterprise Corp. Chip resistors do not have any shelf life limitations during time of

Storage under controlled conditions specified as below:


Temperature : 15℃ to 40℃

Humidity:     30% R.H. to 75% R.H.

Environment : Chemical and dust free atmosphere

Packing:      Original HITANO unpeeled

*Refer to IEC 61760-2, Clause 5 Storage Condition


As stated in European standards, the permitted storage time of resistor is 20 years!  Only the solderability and the change of resistance – particularly for high precision resistors – may be affected by storage.  Solderability testing and re-measurement of the resistance value are highly recommended if the storage time exceeds 2 years.


All HITANO products, supplied by our franchised agents and distributors, are guaranteed to meet the solderability standards as well as other standards mentioned in the HITANO datasheet.


As long as the above mentioned conditions are kept by any storage place, the resistors will solder and work properly.



Paul Shea, Vice President (Head of Quality Assurance)

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