Size 108, 1210, 1812-SCI-HT Series

Product Content

*Excellent solder ability and resistance to soldering heat.
*With metal terminals and resin coated, it offers many superior features, such as highly resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure, reliable in environments of sudden temperature change and humidity and super Q characteristics.
*Highly accurate dimensions, high reliability, and easy surface mount assembly.
*Large current capability can be used for applications that need to meet high DC rated current.
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Size_1008, 1210, 1812


Inductance Range_1uH to 820uH


Tolerance_±10%, ±20%


Rated Current_60mA to 1050mA


Test Frequency_796KHz to 7.96MHz


Packaging_ Tape & Reel

Part No. Designation:          
SCI 1210 H T 3R3 K □□
Wire Wound 1008 H=High T= Tape&Reel R33= 0.33uH K= ±10%  
Molded Type 1210 Current   3R3= 3.3uH M= ±20%  
  1812      330= 33 uH    
        331= 330uH    


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