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A polymeric positive temperature coefficient device (PPTC, commonly known as a resettable fuse, poly fuse or poly switch) is a passive electronic component used to protect against over current faults in electronic circuits.

Voltage: 30Vdc



Hold Current_0.09Amp to 9.0Amp



Trip Current_1.8Amp to 18.0Amp



Initial resistance_0.005Ωto 0.07Ω



Max. Power Dissipation_0.60Watt to 4.20 Watt

Part No. Designation:  
RDL 30V 010
SERIES Max Voltage Hold Current (A)
Radial Lead Type 60V = 60V max 010 = 0.10 Amps
  30V = 30V max 160 = 1.60 Amps
  16V = 16V max 375 = 3.75 Amps


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