Schottky Barrier Rectifiers-Schottky Barrier Rectifiers

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The Schottky diode is a semiconductor diode with a low forward voltage drop and a very fast switching action allows them to be used in very high frequency applications such as very low power signals and switching diode requirements of less than 100 picoseconds.
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AV  20 30 40 50 60 80 100 case
1 1N5817 1N5818 1N5819 SR150 SR160 SR180 SR1100 DO-41
1 1S2 1S3 1S4 1S5 1S6 1S8 1S10 R-1
1 SK12 SK13 SK14 SK15 SK16 SK18   SMB(DO-214AA)
1 SM5817 SM5818 SM5819 SM150 SM160 - - SM-1(DO-213AB)
1 SM5817S SM5818S SM5819S - - - - SM-2(DO-213AA)
1 SS12 SS13 SS14 SS15 SS16 SS18 SS110 SMA(DO-214AC)
2 SK22 SK23 SK24 SK25 SK26 SK28 SK210 SMB(DO-214AA)
2 SM220 SM230 SM240 SM250 SM260 - - SM-1(DO-213AB)
2 SR220 SR230 SR240 SR250 SR260 SR280 SR2100 DO-15
3 1N5820 1N5821 1N5822 SR350 SR360 SR380 SR3100 DO-27
3 SK32 SK33 SK34 SK35 SK36 SK38 SK310 SMC(DO-214AB)
3 SM320 SM330 SM340 SM350 SM360     SM-1(DO-213AB)
5 SD520 SD530 SD540 SD550 SD560 SD580 SD5100 TO-251
5 SD520S SD530S SD540S SD550S SD560S SD580S SD5100S TO-252(SPAK)
5 SK52 SK53 SK54 SK55 SK56 SK58 SK510 SM-C(DO-214AB)
5 SR520 SR530 SR540 SR550 SR560 SR580 SR5100 DO-27
8 SD820 SD830 SD840 SD850 SD860 SD880 SD8100 TO-251
8 SD820D SD830D SD840D SD850D SD860D SD880D SD8100D TO-263(D2PAK)
8 SD820S SD830S SD840S SD850S SD860S SD880S SD8100S TO-252(DPAK)
8 SR820(F) SR830(F) SR840(F) SR850(F) SR860(F) SR880(F) SR8100(F) TO-220A

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