Ultra Miniature Size 5mm Height-E5R SERIES

Product Content

1. Ultra miniature Radial Type 5mm Height
2. Designed for use in VCRs, car radios, Car stereos.
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Capacitance Range _ 0.1uF to 220uF        


Rated Working Voltage_4Vdc to 50Vdc


Load Life _ 1000Hrs @105℃  


Operating Temp. Range_ -40℃ to +105℃


Capacitance Tolerance _ ±20%


Packaging_ Bulk, Tape/Box, Tape / Reel


Part No. Designation:          
E5R 100 M 25 A T1
  IN 3DIGITS M= ± 20% 0G= 4V B= Bulk Omit if only Omit if Bulk
  010= 1.0uF   0J= 6.3V C5= Cut 5mm one size T1= L/S 2.5mm Taped
  4R7= 4.7 uF   10= 10V AC5= Smaller Size cut 5mm A= Smaller Size TA= Lead forming space 5mm Taped
  101= 100uF   16= 16V  
      25= 25V A= Ammo Pack    
      35= 35V R= Tape&Reel    
      50= 50V F5= Lead formed & cut 5mm    


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