SNAP IN Type Low Impedance 5000hrs-EHL SERIES

Product Content

1. 105℃ 5000 hours assured life.
2. Directly mountable on printed circuit board without holders.
3. Low ESR and long life.
4. Terminal spacing fixed at 10mm for PC board plug in.
5. Aluminum case designed explosion-proof vent.

Capacitance Range _ 47uF to 47000uF      


Rated Working Voltage_10Vdc to 500Vdc


Load Life _ 5000Hrs @105℃           


Operating Temp. Range_ V≦100V_-40℃ to +105℃, V≧160V_-25℃ to +105℃


Capacitance Tolerance _ ±20%


Packaging_ Bulk

Part No. Designation:        
EHL 101 M 2G        B    A 
  IN 3DIGITS M= ± 20% 10= 10V B= Bulk A= A Size
  101= 100uF   16= 16V   B= B Size
  102= 1000uF   25= 25V   C= C Size
  103= 10,000uF   35= 35V   D= D Size
      50= 50V    
      63= 63V    
      2A= 100V    
      2C= 160V  
      2D= 200V    
      2E= 250V    
      2V= 350V    
      2G= 400V    
      2W= 450V    
      2H= 500V    



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