Polypropylene Film Capacitor(High Voltage 1000V-2000V)-PPS SERIES

Product Content

PPS is two capacitors wound in series connection with Polypropylene film as dielectric and electrode with copper-clad leads and epoxy resin coating.
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Capacitance Range _ 1.0nF to 0.033uF     


Rated Working Voltage_1000Vdc to 2000Vdc


Operating Temp. Range_-40℃ to +105℃  


Capacitance Tolerance _ ±5%, ±10%


Packaging_ Bulk, Tape / Box


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Part No. Designation:        
PPS 104 K 3A B A
SERIES CAPACITANCE TOL. W.V. Package//Lead Style Extra Code for Size & Pitch & Lead length
  IN 3DIGITS J= ± 5% 3A=1000V B = Bulk A = Smaller Size
  332=0.0033uF K= ±10% 3C=1600V A = T/BOX Omit if one size
  104= 0.1 uF M=±20% 3D=2000V R = T/REEL 5 = 5mm Lead Length After Cut
  474=0.47uF     F5 = 5mm Lead Space After Forming  
        C = Lead Cut  


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