Axial Leaded, Epoxy Coated Multilayer-Axial Mono

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Our Axial leaded, Epoxy Coated Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors are built by superior moisture and shock resistant epoxy coating. These capacitors are supplied in both bulk or taping and reel package for automatic insertion and sequencing with any axial leaded components.
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Size _ A15, A20,                             


Rated Working Voltage_50Vdc to 200Vdc


Temperature Coefficient _NPO, X7R, Z5U, Y5V


Operating Temp. Range_ NPO, X7R:-55℃to+125℃, Z5U: +10℃to+85℃, Y5V: -30℃to+85℃


Capacitance Tolerance _±0.25pF, ±0.5pF, ±5%, ±10%, ±20%, +80-20%


Dissipation Factor (D.F.)_ 0.15 % to 10%


Packaging_ Tape/Box, Tape/Reel


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Part No. Designation:            
A15 Z5U 104 M A A T 10 A
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
1.  SIZE       6. Lead Shape  
  A15 A20       A= Standard Axial  
            B= fORMING Style  
2. Temperature Coefficient            
  NPO X7R Z5U   7. Package    
  Y5V         T= Tape/Box  
            R = Tape/Reel  
3. Rated Capacitance            
  In 3 Digits:       8. Rated Voltage (D.C.)
  101=100pF 222=2,200pF 103=0.01uF     02= 25V    
            05= 50V    
4. Tolerance on Rated Capacitance     10= 100V    
  K = ±10% M = ±20% Z =+80-20%     20= 200V    
5. Lead Spacing     9. Tape Width  
  A= Standard       A= Standard 52mm  
  5= 5.08mm formed       S= 26mm    
  6= 6.35mm   formed       - = Omit for forming Type
  7= 7.62mm formed            


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