Resettable Fuse (PPTC)

Series Voltage Hold Current Trip Current Initial resistance Max. Power Dissipation PDF
Radial Type
RDL60V 60Vdc 0.1Amp to 3.75Amp 0.2Amp to 7.50Amp 0.03Ωto2.50Ω 0.38Watt to 3.20 Watt
RDL30V 30Vdc 0.09Amp to 9.0Amp 1.8Amp to 18.0Amp 0.005Ωto 0.07Ω 0.60Watt to 4.20 Watt
RDL16V 16Vdc 0.7Amp to 15.0Amp 1.4Amp to 25.5Amp 0.002Ωto 0.13Ω 0.60Watt to 4.80 Watt
PPTC-SMD 6V~60Vdc 0.05Amp to 3.0Amp 0.20Amp to 6.0Amp 0.012Ωto 2.00Ω 0.50Watt to 1.50Watt