Chip Resistor

Series Features Rated Power Size Resistance Range Temp. Coefficient PDF
General Series
RC General purpose 1/20~1W 0201~2512 1 Ω~100M Ω 100~200 ppm
RL Low ohmic value 1/16~1W 0402~2512 10m Ω~976m Ω 100~600 ppm
RT Thin Film 1/16~1/4W 0402~1206 1 Ω~2.49MΩ 25~50 ppm
RAR Thin Film High Precision(down to ±0.01%,±1ppm/℃) 1/32~1W 0201~2512 1 Ω~3MΩ 1~50 ppm
Functional type
HPF High Power 1/8~2W 0402~2512 1 Ω~1M Ω 100~200 ppm
TPF Triple Power 1/3~3W 0603~2512 0.1 Ω~1M Ω 100~200 ppm
HPL High Power Low ohmic value 1/8~2W 0402~2512 10mΩ~976mΩ 100~400 ppm
HSR Anti-Surge 1/10~1W 0603~2512 1 Ω~1M Ω 100~200 ppm
HVR High Voltage 200V~3KV 1/10~1W 0603~2512 100K Ω~100M Ω 100~200 ppm
HHR High Resistance(up to 100M ohm) 1/16~1W 0402~2512 1.02M Ω~100M Ω 200~400 ppm
HMR High Resistance(110M ohm to 1G ohm) 1/8~1/4W 0805~1206 110M Ω~1G Ω 500~1000 ppm
HLR Metal strip Low Ohmic 1W~3W 2512 7m Ω~100m Ω 50~75 ppm
HCS Metal strip current sensing 1/4~5W 0805~5931 2m Ω~50m Ω 70~100 ppm
Special type
HYC/HTC Chip Resistor Array 1/16W 0402*2~0603*4,10P8R,16P8R 10 Ω~1M Ω 200~300 ppm
MELF-CM Carbon Film MELF Resistor 1/4~2W 0204/0207/0309 1 Ω~10M Ω 350~1000 ppm
MELF-MM Metal Film  Precision MELF Resistor 1/8~1W 0102/0204/0207 0.1Ω~10M Ω 5~100 ppm