Technical Literature

We recommend the following conditions for storage:
a) Do not store capacitors at a high temperature or in high humidity.

Note on the use of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is based on the EIA RCR-2367A March 1993 correction of “fixed-use aluminum electrolytic capacitors on the use of reference manual” as the reference, the details please refer to the manual.

Hitano’s is not on all report of Japan Passive Components magazine and IBM’S Porhibited List, HITANO never has reliability issue on Low ESR.

HITANO has a significant breakthrough in wafer capacitors (MLCC), adding a number of product lines as the automotive market in line with AEC-Q200

When using multilayer ceramic chip capacitors(MLCC), pay strict attention to what mentioned in the following literature.

Aging of MLCC Class II dielectrics is normal phenomenon , and it is simply a decrease in capacitance over time due to crys…