Announcement of HITANO new products

Dear Valued Customers,

HITANO is honor to announce an innovation and breakthrough we have made in the field of electronics market new products:

Multilayer ceramic capacitors series and Chip Resistor series.

Our new products not only meet AEC-Q200 automotive-grade passive component standards, but also develop corresponding available solutions for different application levels such as automotive audio entertainment, automotive electronic control components, automatic vehicle control systems, power management and lighting systems.

Also, we are proud of these new products series because it is not only high reliable with high quality, but also provide solution to various applications in the automotive industry. This diverse range of solutions will help meet the growing needs of the automotive market while improving vehicle efficiency and safety.

With the global emphasis on AUTOMOTIVE application, Automotive-grade products will lead the new trend in the future. We deeply hope we could create more and more chances and better future with your company.

HITANO will continue to release other AUTOMOTIVE series products very soon, please just wait and see how HITANO will surprise you!