Announcement of HITANO new products 

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HITANO is proud and happy to announce new series product release!

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Product Type     Automotive Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor –Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitor

                                AEVS             V Chip General Purpose

                                AELS             V Chip Load Life 10,000 Hours

                                AERS             Radial General Purpose

                                AERT             Radial Wide Temp 125

                          AERL             Radial Load Life 10,000 Hours

Automotive Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor –Hybrid Conductive Polymer Capacitors

                                AEMSS          V Chip Life 5,000 Hours

                                AEHSD          Radial Life 5,000 Hours 

Automotive Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor –V-Chip Series

                                AEHV             Wide Temp.

                                AEMV             Long Life

                                AEZV             Low Impedance 

        Automotive Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor –  General Purpose Radial

                                AEHR             Wide Temp.

                                AENR             Non Polar

                                AE5R             Ultra Miniature

                                AEMR            Super Miniature

                                AEKH             Long Life

                                AEFK             Long Life High Voltage

                                AEFH             High Ripple Current

                                AEFL              Long Life High Voltage

 Automotive Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor – Low Leakage Series

                                AELR             General Purpose

                                AEMRL          Miniature


        Automotive Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor – Low Impedance Series

                                AEXR             General Purpose

                                AESX             Low Impedance

                                AESG             High Voltage Low Impedance


        Automotive Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor – Snap In Series

                                AEHP             Wide Temp

                                AEHU             Wide Temp

                                AEHL             Low Impedance

                                AEUK             Long Life High Voltage



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This innovative product not only offers excellent reliability, but also great longevity, which is sure to satisfy your high quality requirements. The diverse range of solutions will help your business meet the trends of electrolytic market while improving product efficiency. With this new product, HITANO have confidence that can make your business run more smoothly and save more valuable time and save more costs.


With the rapid advancement of science and technology, plus the importance of environmental awareness, HITANO will continue to innovate and provide the most advanced product solution to your company and never have the end. We deeply hope we could create more and more chances and better future together!

Yours Sincerely