Notification for Disastrous Omicron impact to HITANO

Dear valuable customers:

This letter is writing to inform HITANO might suffer low business performance and delay shipping in the following days because of disastrous Omicron impact to Taiwan.

Recently Taiwan government announced the goal of Taiwan’s Omicron prevention policy at this difficult time is to seek zero severe cases and to manage mild cases effectively, so the trend is that Taiwan will coexist with the Omicron virus in the future, this policy must affect HITANO’s business service and shipping performance as well in the future.

For above new policy, Taiwan’s domestic number confirmed cases in a single day become the Top1 in the world!  As the impact of Omicron rises up, HITANO staff will become confirmed case at any time, we may face low business, low production performance and inevitable delay shipping. Our warehouse may also need more time to prepare customer’s goods because confirmed case would make staff shortage. We deeply apologize to advise that HITANO might not service you as well as usual

Even so, HITANO will definitely make efforts to maintain our business abilities to work with you in this difficult time, HITANO will strengthen the current epidemic prevention measure to every department working SOP to reduce the risk of the infections. We truly hope could have your understanding of disastrous Omicron impact to HITANO.

Last not but not least, we truly hope the epidemic will be end soon and everyone can back to normal life in the near future.  We highly appreciate all your supports and understanding.  HITANO will always be here to support you and bless you.