Series Features Dimensions Impedance Power Frepuency Range PDF
Specialized in customized design and production
H101FW-04 4 inch Car Audio Speaker 101mm 25W F0-20KHz
H130FW-01 5 inch Car Audio Speaker 130mm 30W F0-20KHz
H220FW-01 6×9 inch Car Audio Speaker 219X166mm 60W F0-20KHz
H166FW-01 6 inch Car Audio Speaker 166mm 30W F0-20KHz
H43N210605 1.5 inch full-range speaker 43mm 5W F0-20KHz
H45YN31 1.75 inch full-range speaker 45mm 6W 130-15KHz
H52-4 52 flat arc rubber edge 52mm 10W F0-20KHz
H66FW1604-01 Flat curved front edge with baked vinyl edge 66mm 20W F0-20KHz
H52FN220905 Flat arc roasted black 52mm 5W F0-20KHz
H70WF220803 Grilled black iron basin with rubber edge 70mm 3.5Ω 15W F0-20KHz
H52N210622 2 inch full-range speaker 52mm 6W F0-20KHz
H48YN31 2 inch full-range speaker 48mm 10W 145-20KHz
H66FN49 Flat arc grilled black glue edge. 66mm 20W 90-15KHz
H105FW-01 S.P.L 90dB±3 dB 105mm 15W F0-20KHz